Monday, November 23, 2009

Report of Human deaths by Nanoparticles

Two women in China have achieved the dubious honor of being the first humans to be killed by nanotechnology. The women, who worked in a poorly ventilated factory spraying a paint that contained nanoparticles, reportedly inhaled the particles over a period of months. The tiny compounds infiltrated the workers' lungs and skin, causing lung damage, fluid buildup, and eventual respiratory failure. Five other women have been hospitalized for the same condition [1].

Ceria nanoparticles in human lung fibroblasts, picture Prof. Wendelin Stark [2].

[1] China Reports the First Human Nano-Fatalities

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preeti said...

actually nano particles are also used to cure disease. I think excess inhalation of nano particles may cause lungs problem.
there are various nano particles like cobalt nano particles, aluminum nano particles, copper nanoparticles and nickel nanoparticles nano particles used for various industrial purpose.